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7 Reasons Why Hammocks Are Awesome

Posted on April 02 2017

1. They Reduce Stress

Due to their natural swaying motion, hammocks can help you relax, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress levels in the body. It doesn't get much more relaxing than hanging midair in your hammock, looking up at the beautiful sky, and enjoying the great outdoors. 

2. You Make New Friends

"Hammocking" is a great way to meet people that enjoy relaxing in their hammock in a park or campsite. Don't be surprised if a fellow hammocker comes up and asks you about your hammock. But don't worry the hammock community is such a happy and friendly group of people. Have you ever met an angry person laying in a hammock? Didn't think so. 

3. The Views

One of the best parts of camping and hiking is being able to look up at the stars or mountain range after a long and exhausting hike and take in the scenic views. You feel such a sense of accomplishment lying in your hammock and seeing how the mountain you just hiked. You certainly can't do that laying down in a tent! 

4. Quick Set Up

It doesn't take but maybe 2 minutes to set up a hammock. All you need is your hammock, tree straps, and carabiners There is no need to find a huge plot of land to call home base. Just find a comfy spot between two trees and you are good to go. You can also get away from all the crowded campsites and get some much needed R&R. 

5. Keeps You Safe From Bugs

Hammocks allow you get off the ground and away from any crawling critters at night. That will keep you safe from getting any dangerous bites that could put in your in the hospital. 

6. Super Light Weight

Hammocks are ideal for any backpacking or hiking adventure. They are super light weight and do not take up much room in your backpack. Most hammocks plus trees straps weight less than 2 pounds and can support up to 400 pounds!

7. You'll Sleep Better

Many studies have shown that hammocks not only help you get to sleep faster but also they help you have a much deeper sleep. The natural rocking motion of the hammock helps you get into a deeper REM sleep and can also help with insomnia. 


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