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Tips for Hiking With Your Puppy

Posted on April 02 2017

1. Make Sure Your Dog is Fit Enough

Not every dog is fit for a long day of hiking. Ease your dog into hiking long distances in order to ensure that your dog is physically fit enough to make the trip. If your dog is older or has a physical condition, it is probably best to keep them at home. They will be happy and safe and so will you. 

2. Bring Lots of Water

Especially in hotter weather, it is essential to bring tons of water. Dog's have a higher body temperature than humans and get hotter much faster. Bring a collapsable water bowl for easy packing. And if there is a lake near by, dogs love to cool off in the cool water. 

3. Bring A Doggy Backpack

Bringing a doggy backpack can take the load off your back and make your hike a little easier. Once again make sure your dog is fit enough to carry the extra weight. 

4. Let them Rest

Hiking takes a lot of energy, especially for your pup. Make sure they get plenty of rest after hikes. They will be happy and you will get some much needed R&R as well. 

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